From London to Amsterdam by bus | What to do in Amsterdam? Where to stay?

In March 2015 I had few days off together and I've decided to go to Amsterdam by bus!
The price was cheap with megabus services, but honestly, I'm not sure if would do it again.
MegaBus can be very uncomfortable sometimes and plus it took us 11 hours
from London to Amsterdam.
When crossing the border we had to show our passports at the control area, so make sure you don't forget your documents.
Police will inspect you and a dog will smell you.

The journey was over night so we got there at 9 am .
The good thing about it it's the early arrival and the cheap fare.
I would not do it again 11 hours journey with megabus,
 but the trip was so amazing!
Amsterdam its lovely!!!
Things to do in Amsterdam:
1. Have Breakfast at Langendijk.
If you come with Megabus, the final bus stop in Amsterdam its close to this bar. You just need to cross the bridge and if you keep walking straight
you will see this place. Its easy to find through the  windmill and it's a very good way to start your morning with some delicious breakfast with this view.

2. Visit the Zoo
It was not in our plans to visit the zoo, but suddenly we passed there and we decided to have a look. 
Beautiful flamingos 

3. Waterloo Market and Albert CuypMarket
If you are a fan of markets like me and you love to see antique stuff, lots of souvenirs together and cute pieces, this is the place for you. You must visit these two markets. They have such antique things specially the waterloo market. Around the waterloo market there is so nice vintage and recycle cloth  shops! You can also eat really nice food there or buy some groceries!
Check online opening and closing times. Some markets usually they open early and shout early.

4. Visit Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum is an art museum dedicated to the works of Vincent Van Gogh and his contemporaries. The museum's collection is the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings in the world. It's such a good feeling to be so close to such important art work that made a big impact in the world. Buy your tickets online to avoid queue.

5. Visit Anne Frank House
Visit Anne Frank House! During World War II, Anne Frank hid from Nazi persecution  in a hidden room called Secret Annex. The Secret Annex is behind the  bookshelf. Very interesting to see.

6. Go to Coffee Shops
You are in Amsterdam, so of course you wanna go to the coffee shops! Take some time to relax at one of them! There's one literally  in every corner. My favorite was The Bulldog.

7. Rent a bike
Amsterdam is one of most cycle-friendly cities in the world. There's bikes EVERYWHERE. You  will barely see a car. It's the way they live in Amsterdam! Definitely this is one of the things you wanna do there! Rent a bike!! Just check online some rent-a-bike companies and book it! You will have fun! 

8. "I am amsterdam"
Can you do that? Take a picture in the letters without anyone else in the picture? :D

9. Torture Museum
Opening hours are 10 a.m to 11 p.m. daily, admission is 7,50€ for adults.
The museum contains a wide range of information on the history of torture and the use of torture devices.

10. Red Light district
A red-light district is a famous urban area where prostitution is all over the streets and windows. You can find sex shops, strip clubs, adult theaters and more. Prostitution is a profession not only in Amsterdam, but in all Holland.

11. Canal cruise
One of the best way to explore amsterdam from a different point of view its by boat!
Enjoy this cruise through the canals while your pizza gets delivered. It's such a good way to end your day!
pizza cruise here.

12. Flower Market
Definitely, flower market is one of my favorite places of Amsterdam. Every time I am going there I just fall in love with all the colors, the smells and the different type of plants.
There's tulips all over the place and cactus!
If one day I have a house with a huge garden, I will come again to Amsterdam to buy plenty of seeds and pots!

13. Heineken Experience
Heineken experience it's a must in Holland! Heineken is one of the best beers in the worlds and if you are fan of beer or not, you should come anyways.
When buying the tickets your have 3 free beers and along the tour you will learn how they do the beer, you will see the fabric and all the process behind the fresh green bottle.
Staff are very friendly and it will be few games and entertainment till you finish the tour.
In the end we also enjoyed 4D-movie about Heineken, took some picture for free at the photo booth machine and bought few little memories at their shop!
This tour is a good time and fairly good value.

14. Dam Square
The Dam Square its a historical location.  It was created in the 13th century when a dam was built around the river Amstel to prevent the Zuiderzee sea from swarming the city. 
I't's worth a picture there!

15. Rijksmuseum 
If you are a Art fan you should visit the museum.
Queue is extremely long for tickets. Buy it in advance online at their website!

Where did I stay?
1st time - Inner Amsterdam.
I was twice in Amsterdam and I really like both places!
If you are staying for a longer I would stay again at Inner Amsterdam.
Price was cheap, room was all right (although was extremely warm!) and location was good too!
It's just a simple and normal two-stars-hotel.
The hotel it's close to one very nice park called VondelPark and centre.
2nd time - Intersail Hostel Christina.
The second time I was in Amsterdam I stayed in a Boat!!!
It was such a completely different experience from all the rest.
It's good for one night or two maximum, but not for more than that.
The place is called Intersail Hostel Christina.
I found out a little bit pricey but its worth the experience specially in Amsterdam!
The accommodation its not so good, but you have to keep in mind that you are in a boat.
So don't expect too much!
Breakfast is included and it's delicious.
They have a map there so you can pin it from where you come from!
The lounge area.

Hope you enjoyed my post! Have you been in Amsterdam? Where did you stay?