My honest opinion about Berlin, Germany. | Things to do in Berlin if you are visiting for few hours.

On the InterRail trip we stopped in Berlin, Germany and as I was expecting Berlin
 didn't surprise me that much.
It was good to see the monuments and stuff such as Brandenburg Gate and we had a great time- BUT
Berlin is not a really a friendly city, its very dirty and crowded. Almost everywhere smells like piss . and the undergrounds is so grubby.
Berlin it's enough for 2 days. I was there one day and for me was enough.
Positive thing about Berlin - nice and cheap food.

Things to do in Berlin in 24 hours or less:

1. See Siegessäule

2. Brandenburg Gate 

3.  Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

 (Only 8 mts walk from Brandenburg Gate )

4. Tv Tower - Berliner

5. East Side Gallery

Where we spend the night?
The hotel we stayed was very cool tho, I could stay longer in Berlin just for that.
It's a bit far from everything, but so good to get away from the busy city centre.

Scube Park Columbia Berlin

♥ Loved this place ♥

 Berlin is very similar to London, just a different language.
Berliners, I am not saying your whole country sucks.
Still want to definitely visit another part of Germany, but Berlin it's not anymore in my plans.
Any suggestions? Cities to visit in Germany? Comment bellow.
Would love to go back to Germany for a Castle tour!